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I’ve been thinking about this since I started cosplaying back in 2011, but for the most part, I’ve kept my opinions about this to myself for fear of offending or alienating other cosplayers – which is the last thing that I wish to do.

It troubles me that many individuals feel a convention or cosplay is an excuse to expose as much of their body as legally possible.

Before anyone starts shouting, I realize that:

A LOT of cosplays/costumes are not made of much fabric.

I know this. I also know:

There is a tasteful way to achieve the illusion of nudity without actually being exposed.

I feel that turning a Poison Ivy costume into nipple pasties, a g-string latex green thong and body paint is taking the costume a bit too far (I’ve seen this). I think that actually having yourself nude body painted to cosplay as Mystique is taking it a bit too far (yes, I actually saw that). I feel that wearing a so-skin-tight-it-might-as-well-have-been-painted-on latex Star Trek TOS female (pink) star fleet uniform is also taking it too far (saw that too).

There are many, many, many ways that the ILLUSION of nudity or being nearly nude is simple, affordable, and well within the limits of most cosplayers.

You want to be Poison Ivy? Do it! Just get a green spandex onesie and decorate it as opposed to the pasties and latex g-string.

You want to give the illusion that you have bare legs while wearing a crotch length skirt? Get flesh toned dancers tights – it’s what they’re made for.

Also, figure skating outfits offer a lot of fake “nudity” options for almost any cosplay – especially ones involving the illusion of cleavage.

Any costume that seems like you’ll need to be practically naked doesn’t mean you have to be –  and it’s high time women stood up and showed it!

Science fiction, fantasy, video games, and horror movies all show strong women, often in positions of power – why cheapen the image of a survivor woman by wearing a thong and pasties?

I’m definitely not saying that female characters who are scantily clad should stop being cosplayed. I’m just saying that there are simple, affordable ways that you can achieve a sensational, tasteful cosplay without actually breaking any laws or damaging other con goers with your intimate bits.

Don’t stop cosplaying the characters you love, just do it in a tasteful, law-abiding way.

How do you feel about the way females are portrayed in cosplay?

Do you think that individuals who bare their bodies are cosplayers or just people in costume?

Anyone have issues with harassment based on a cosplay choice?

It Takes A Village To Cosplay!

Earla Alara

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