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CostumeCon32 – Moulage: SFX Makeup

  • Sculpting to make open wounds, broken bones etc.
  • Pick away the corners of a white wedge sponge to avoid the “makeup rectangles”
  • Pre wet sponge before application
  • Rubber mask grease paint for bald caps, prosthetics to blend into creases/real skin
  • Cabasil for molds – no latex gloves ‘cause the two will stick together and bond
  • Transfer paper and a clear plastic top sheet for molding your own wounds
  • Brush edges of prosthetics with 99% rubbing alcohol to thin them and make blending with real skin easier
  • Add foundation to silicone/whatever before you pour to make it flesh colour
  • Use old coffee and tea grounds for dirt, old dried spices for scab flakes,
  • Blood = sugar syrup, red, blue dye and cocoa powder
  • Blood spatter done by flicking a paint brush
  • When using a bruise wheel, put one colour per finger and then blend
  • Applying a bruise – start with yellow, then green, red, blue

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