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Cosplaying Away From Home

Lit Soong, my husband, and I are headed to Ottawa ComicCon in a couple weeks and I felt that this was a great time to talk about cosplaying away from home. It’s enough of a mission to get ready for a full day in costume when you’re in the comfort of your own home, it’s a totally different beast when you’re in a foreign space.

The biggest issue is making sure that you have everything you need. I’m constantly nervous that I’ll forget something and then be in a panic when I discover I don’t have it. Thankfully, with proper preparation, I didn’t forget anything last time.

I start a couple weeks before the convention and make a list of everything I need for my costume. (I only bring one costume to cosplay away from home – car space is at a premium). I make sure that everything on the list is packed at least a week before I need to leave to make sure that any last minute items I think might be handy can be packed as well. I like to include things like travel size bottles of facewash, shampoo etc. to save space packing full size bottles. I also make sure that my makeup is organized, and things like makeup remover, paper towels, kleenex, and cotton swabs are included. I also make sure that I bring an emergency sewing kit with thread for my costume, scissors, fabric glue, instant fabric adhesive, extra gems and beads for my dress, a utility knife, safety pins, needles, extra fabric paint for my boots, and nail polish to touch up my nails. I also bring clothes hangers in case my host doesn’t have any spare (not necessary if you’re staying in a hotel), and last year I brought my fabric steamer to remove the wrinkles from my dress. I also like to make sure that I have straws to drink through for when I’m in full costume, and a travel bag of touch up makeup that can be brought easily with me to the convention.

I find the cosplay bins make cosplaying away from home much easier. I can pack everything I need into one cosplay bin and then I always know where my stuff is even when I’m away. At the end of each day, my cosplay things go into the bin so I know exactly where they are for the next morning. It also makes packing to go home a lot easier when there’s only one bin to pack and put back in the car. Unfortunately, my Red Queen wig (my costume of choice for away from home conventions) doesn’t fit into the bin, so it’s packed separately.

What do you bring when you cosplay away from home?

How do you keep all your stuff organized?

It Takes A Village To Cosplay!!!

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