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Pandaren Pants II – This Time It’s Personal

Soooooo, remember how I mentioned in the Pandaren Monk pants post that I had trouble lining up the pants to pin them, and I attributed the problem to my wonky cutting? Thinking I was solving the issue, I cut some bits off to make them fit together.

What I actually did was cut some of the butt off of the pants.

They still fit, and are totally wearable, they’re just a bit tight in the rear, and I don’t want to be worrying about my semi-tight pants when I’m trying to pose for pictures. I should have realized something was amiss when the front and back are indistinguishable. Whoops.

Since I have more than enough dark fabric left over (I bought extra ‘cause I knew I’d cock something up and want/need to redo it), I’m going to make the pants again, this time correctly. I will also take this opportunity to try using the rotary cutter (or as I like to call it the fabric pizza cutter) to cut out the pieces.

Guess I know what my project for tonight is!

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