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Pennywise Wig 1.0

I’ve begun construction on iFantastic’s Pennywise cosplay! I started with an Arda Wigs wig (Malinda) in cherry red because this wig has the wefts sewn in upside down in order to facilitate a gravity-defying end result. I clipped all of the wig up except the bottom most weft from ear to ear, and began crimping it with a 1″ hair crimper. The green arrow shows the crimped area, the black arrow denotes the uncrimped area.


Since the crimper gets really, incredibly hot on the end, I used an oven mitt to protect my fingers.


I crimped 1″ sections at a time, and held the crimper in place about 10-15 seconds before moving down the hair.


The crimper teeth are really close together, which gives the hair a really nice, small crimp to it. ¬†Since Pennywise’s hair is more frizzy than actually crimped, I ran a comb through the crimped hair on the left (black arrow) and the right side hasn’t been combed yet (green arrow).




Once I combed it through, it took on this great frizzy texture which is exactly what I was looking for. Other than being incredibly time consuming, I’m incredibly pleased with the results. It’ll be a long haul, but it’s definitely going to be worth it!

Have you crimped a wig before?

How did it go? What did you use? Braids? Crimper?

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