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Toronto Comicon 2018

Literature Soong and I were once again lucky enough to get time off work to go to Toronto Comicon and, as usual, it didn’t disappoint!

We started off the weekend with a light shop in the vendor area. It was busier than I expected it to be for the first day, and it was surprisingly difficult to get close enough to some of the booths to see the merchandise. We didn’t leave empty handed though – Lit picked up some D&D dice, and a super fun Star Trek dice bag!

After shopping, we were off to the first panel of the day – “Wig Rescue” with Arda Wigs Canada! We learned how to detangle, tame frizz, re-curl, and generally rescue matted, tangled, nasty wigs. First thing we learned: patience is key. Second, start at the bottom, and work up using a cat brush. If you start at the top and work down, you just make the tangles worse. Third, use Mane & Tail Detangler spray to help you with the stubborn areas. Still feel like you’ll struggle? Check out some of the fantastic YouTube videos on how to detangle wigs here!

Our second panel of the day Friday was Mitch Pileggi (Assistant Director Skinner from The X-Files)! His Q&A was fantastic, and I got to ask him a question! I also got his autograph – he was super nice when I met him. I tend to get a bit star struck so I didn’t say much, but he was lovely.

Saturday, we started the day off with another wig panel by Arda Wigs Canada – Heat Styling! This hour focused on using heat to style wigs. We learned about using a flat iron to straighten a curly wig, curl a straight wig by heating the hair with a flat iron until it’s uncomfortable to hold, then wrapping it around a cold, unplugged curling iron until the hair is cold, then setting it with a bit of Got 2 Be Freeze Spray.¬† This method produces loose, wavy curls. To get tight ringlet curls, I personally use a clothes steamer and foam curlers. See my Red Queen Wig 2.1 post for more info on how I did that here, and how I put the curlers in here. We also learned how to get the classic “Anime” bangs that look kind of like /\/\, and how to make serious, long-lasting Anime spikes. I will definitely be putting my new found knowledge of spiking to the test with my next cosplay: Madara Uchiha!

Next, we went to a great panel called “Cosplay and Being Unapologetically Yourself” hosted by 4 fabulous female cosplayers! The message of doing what you love and not being brought down by trolls/haters was so empowering! We spoke with three of the cosplayers after the panel and they were as sweet and gracious as they are talented!

Sunday we saw two celebrity panels: Kristian Nairn (Hodor, Game of Thrones) and Marina Sirtis (Deanna Troi, Star Trek Next Generation). Both were incredibly funny, interesting, and all around entertaining! The highlight for me was hearing that Kristian Nairn used to do drag!

Lit and I each had our first professional cosplay photo shoot too! Lit was dressed as Nightcrawler (X-Men), and I was the Red Queen. I will be posing those photos (and photos from the convention) soon!

Were you at Toronto Comicon?

What did you do? What was your favourite part??

It Takes A Village To Cosplay!

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