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Love Your Face Base!

I know it’s super cliché to start with skin care, but to reiterate what everyone, ever has ever said – for me, it really makes a difference.

Now that we’ve all rolled our eyes, and silently thought “I knoooooooow”, and sighed, I would like to say it again. It actually makes a difference.

The reason I’m talking about this is that at nearly every cosplay panel/Q&A I’ve been to, the issue of skin care has come up, especially those with sensitive skin.

I know that everyone has different skin, and different skin care needs, regimes, etc. so what I recommend is – do whatever you need to do to get your skin in the best condition you can. If you’re a lady who doesn’t usually do exfoliators, lotions etc. then you need to start. At least for conventions, and ideally a month in advance.

Yep. That means even in the summer, when it’s hot and gross.

I recently slacked on my daily skin care routine before a convention (in March), and thought it wouldn’t really matter since my skin didn’t look dry without makeup on. Boy, was I wrong. My cosplay makeup looked the worst it’s been since the first time I tried it. Three years ago. My dry, angry face (and lips) was unfortunately visible through all the blotchy, uneven, migrating makeup. I remember remarking I’d never had this problem before – because I’d never played it fast and loose with my skin care before, either.

Don’t Do What Donny Don’t Does.

Or in this case, what I did. Although my skin in chronically super dry, I cannot apply any skin care products before I apply my cosplay makeup. Due to my incredibly dry skin, my face creams are extremely rich (I use Paula’s Choice Skin Recovery for sensitive skin and rosacea), and I find that if I try to put a full face of cosplay makeup on overtop of my regular lotions, the makeup doesn’t go on well and promptly melts off.

As the Red Queen from Tim Burton’s Alice In Wonderland, my specific cosplay makeup needs are different from most in the way that I need colour blocking. I need crisp lines with no bleeding/feathering. Using stark-naked white is also incredibly unforgiving, and I’ve found that pre-moisturizing/priming creates excess blotchiness, and makeup adhesion issues.

To compensate, I remove my cosplay makeup in the evening with extra virgin olive oil, followed by an oil-free cream cleanser. After, I don’t moisturize with my regular products. In fact, I don’t moisturize at all. Using the olive oil to remove my makeup in the evening leaves my skin so soft and hydrated that I don’t feel I need a moisturizer on those nights. My face still feels soft and lovely the next morning, and using a wet face wipe doesn’t strip the moisture/oils from my skin. I certainly would not use olive oil to take my makeup off every night, but for cosplay purposes a few weekends a year, it’s brilliant.

I don’t use a cosmetics primer, or a primer that’s specifically formulated for under costume/stage makeup because I find it also causes makeup meltdowns. I recently began using L’Oreal Miracle Blur on my cheeks and forehead to help conceal my pores (white is so unforgiving). I apply it sparingly, only in those areas, and wait a full half hour for it to be absorbed before I begin my actual makeup application process. It works well and hasn’t caused makeup adhesion/migration issues so long as I allow sufficient time for it to absorb.

What do you do to take care of your skin before, during, and after cosplay? Any products that you swear by? Product disasters?

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Earla Alara

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